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    Human trafficking news and South Texas resources.

    What is Human trafficking?
    Human trafficking is modern day slavery. Victims of human trafficking are subjected to force, fraud, or coercion, for the purpose of sexual exploitation or forced labor.

    Look Beneath the Surface Report Human Trafficking on the National Trafficking and Referral Line:
  • Stop Human Trafficking Today Project

    Stop Human Trafficking Today is a project of Texas RioGrande Legal Aid. Our team educates the community on the issue of human trafficking by providing workshops and presentations to community members, as well as social service providers and law enforcement. We also provide direct outreach to various communities within our service area to help identify victims of modern day slavery.
  • Victims of Trafficking and Their Needs

    There are four general areas of victim needs: * Immediate assistance - Housing, food, medical, safety and security, language interpretation and legal services * Mental health assistance - Counseling * Income assistance - Cash, living assistance * Legal status - T visa, immigration, certification

    Victims of human trafficking are vulnerable human beings who have been subjected to severe physical and emotional coercion. Trafficking victims are usually in desperate need of assistance. They need to know that once they come in contact with social service providers and law enforcement, they are safe and will be protected.
  • Choice

    You cannot make a choice to be a slave.

    Not all victims of human trafficking are undocumented.

    Not all victims have crossed international borders.

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Human Trafficking Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada

Posted by yabastablog on September 13, 2007

Human Trafficking Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada

Dates: October 08, 2007 to October 10, 2007

Venue Information

Orleans Hotel and Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada

Event Details

Some of the topics for this conference will be

  • Prosecuting Traffickers;
  • Trafficking Investigations;
  • Pimp/Prostitute Subculture;
  • working with Victims.

Break out sessions will be available.

  • Assistant US Attorneys Chris Wilton and Erica MacDonald
  • Dr Sharon Cooper
  • Dr. Lois Lee-Founder Children of the Night
  • Det. Keith Haight- Los Angeles Police Dept
  • Sgt Vic Vigna-Las Metro Police Dept
  • Lt. Mary Petri San Francisco Police Dept

Please visit our site at www.teachcops.com for more conference information and registration.


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